Margaret Atwood Is Coming Out With A New Book — But There’s A Catch

A new book from the genius Margaret Atwood is always news. The author of The Handmaid’s Tale and The Blind Assassin has legions of readers around the world. But when her next book is published, most of them will be dead. That’s because Atwood has written a novel but won’t be publishing it until 2114 — 100 years from now.

It’s not some bizarre posthumous publishing wish, a la J.D. Salinger. Atwood is the first author to contribute a novel to “Future Library,” an art project that collects the texts of 100 books which will not be published until 100 years in the future.

Every year, a new author will submit an unpublished book; the book will be held in trust until 2114, when it will be published. “Future Library,” which was launched by Katie Paterson, planted 1,000 trees in a forest outside Oslo, Norway to provide paper for the books’ publication in a century.

If anyone is equipped to envision a future world, it’s Margaret Atwood. Afterall, much of what she predicted about state control of women’s reproductive rights in The Handmaid’s Tale is more or less true around the globe. One hopes her latest book for “Future Library” predicts a world much less sinister.

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