Marriage Equality Emerges Victorious In Wisconsin & Indiana

  • A three-judge appeals court in Chicago, Illinois unanimously ruled yesterday that the same-sex marriage bans in Wisconsin and Indiana are unconstitutional. [AP]
  • Following the Supreme Court’s ruling that said buffer zones outside abortion clinics violated the free speech rights of anti-abortion protesters, San Francisco is considering new ways to protect staff and patients at its facilities. The Planned Parenthood clinic in the Mission in particular has a man who stands outside and takes photographs of patients going inside.  [SFist]
  • Princeton University is considering hiring a team of trained investigators to handle sexual assault allegations on campus. Why do colleges insist on doing this in-house, though? [TIME]
  • A Republican Congressman in Florida held a men-only fundraiser, because of course he did. [BuzzFeed]
  • Police in Dallas, Texas believe an unknown teenager gave birth in a bathroom stall of a high school last week and abandoned the fetus. Why isn’t everyone screaming about how this exactly what’s going to happen more often with all the restrictions on abortion rights in TX?  [RH Reality Check]
  • Men: don’t sexually assault a woman while she’s jogging, because she might be an off-duty Federal Marshal who will kick you in the junk. (Or she might be anyone who will kick you in the junk, really.)  [Jezebel]
  • A TV series about Supergirl is in the works. [The Hollywood Reporter]

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