Grown Men Bob For Buffalo Wings In A 20-Gallon Kiddie Pool Of Blue Cheese

You know what they say: you can never have too much of a good thing … except at the National Buffalo Wing Festival where “good things” go to die.

Last weekend, Buffalo, N.Y. hosted the 13th annual finger lickin’ fest where people of all ages could bond over their love for hot wings. Not surprisingly, the event included a wing-eating competition, and the winner managed to scarf down over 200 pieces in 12 minutes. But the festival’s most talked-about event was a lot messier, much more nauseating to watch, and involved way too much blue cheese. 

Chosen from dozens of applicants, six worthy competitors were selected to compete in Wing Bobbing, where participants would bob for buffalo wings —hands tied behind their backs, using only their mouths— from a kiddie pool filled with 20 gallons of blue cheese. The goal was to retrieve as many wings as possible in the 3-minutes allotted.

The lucky participants were chosen not for their bobbing experience, but for their passion for all things wings, blue cheese or Buffalo— or preferably, all three.

One competitor, who has been identified as Richard Nicholson of Fayetteville, N.Y., shoved his head so far into the tub to retrieve the chicken parts that his entire upper body was covered in blue cheese, and subsequently, I almost threw up. But for all of his enthusiasm, Richard emerged from the vat of dressing with only 20 wings when the timer buzzed. In case that disgusting visual isn’t enough, check out the video above to see the competition highlights.

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