Baby’s Projectile Poop Makes Newborn Portrait The Best Ever

Al Ferguson, the proud new father of a baby boy, is ready for whatever parenthood throws at him— or in this case, whatever bodily fluids spew at him.

While cradling naked baby Ted for a newborn portrait session with photographer Christy Grant, Al was in for quite the messy surprise. “As I felt his stomach tense, in the back of your head you know he’s about to go poo, and then before you know it, he’s doing it.” AND DOING IT, HE WAS. Somehow Christy managed to capture the “money-shot” just as Ted was relieving himself in a very big way.

But this baby was not just pooping— he was projectile pooping all over his father’s arm. Luckily, Christy was thinking on her feet and saved the shag rug they were standing on. “It’s not the kind of carpet that can be cleaned particularly easily,” Al said. “But the photographer did an amazing thing— she reached down for a nappy, picked it up, then went to put it over Ted’s bum to stem the flow.”

And now the couple has a beautiful photo of their baby boy that, personally, I think would look lovely hanging over their mantel.