Abortion Clinic Opening In New Mexico To Serve Embattled West Texas

Texas was hit hard by the state legislature’s abortion bills in 2013 which sought to shut down nearly all the clinics in the state by enacting a series of unnecessary laws aimed at “improving women’s health” (those are scare quotes). About half of TX’s clinics have already closed since Republican Governor Rick Perry signed them into effect. Fortunately, last week a District Court judge ruled that a portion of a law — forcing clinics to adhere to the same rules as ambulatory surgery centers, which affects things like the width of hallways — was unconstitutional and that meant over a dozen remaining clinics in the state did not have to close their doors

That portion of the law would have gone into effect on Monday, September 1st and a clinic in El Paso — West Texas — would have closed immediately. In that one closure, all of West Texas would have been without safe, legal access to abortion.

Even if the courts on are their side (though TX politicians are appealing), women’s rights activists were working on a Plan B. This week, a group called Whole Women’s Health that operates clinics in the state announced that it will open a women’s reproductive health clinic in Las Cruces, New Mexico — right across the border —to serve Texan women. According to KXAN News, the Las Cruces, NM clinic will open on September 15. It will provide abortions up to 18 weeks of pregnancy, as well as other aspects of women’s reproductive health, including birth control, pap smears, and STD testing.

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