Woman Arrested For Shoplifting $144 Worth Of, Well, I Think You Can Guess

Meet Brandy Allen, Fayetteville, Arkansas resident and eye makeup enthusiast. Allen was arrested on Monday after she was spotted swiping eyeshadow from an ULTA beauty store. While her friend attempted to distract store employees with Tammy Faye Baker eye makeup tutorials lively conversation, Allen shoved as much eyeshadow into her purse without even checking the labels. An employee noticed and called the police. Allen denied stealing anything and when a search of her purse turned up the $144 worth of eyeshadow, Allen tried to play it off like it was used, breaking some of the shadows and smearing the packaging. Police weren’t buying it, obviously. No word on whether Allen did her eye makeup special for her first mugshot, or if this is just her usual daytime look. [CrimeFeed]