Two Malaysian Women Arrested For Alleged “Same-Sex Relations”

  • Two female students in Malaysia were arrested this weekend by religious police for allegedly having “same-sex relations” in a hotel room. The young women, ages 20 and 21, had their room searched and a sex toy confiscated. Lesbian sex has been criminalized since 1997, where it carries a fine, three years in jail and six strokes with a cane. [Autostraddle]
  • Mississippi Public Broadcasting refused to air the documentary “After Tiller” on Monday night, which describes the state of late-term abortion in this country after the 2009 murder of Dr. George Tiller. The executive director of MPB said he would not air the documentary because it was “too heavy” and would be “truly alarming” for viewers. [Cosmopolitan]
  • My friend Lena Chen has a take on having private nude photos leaked — from personal experience. [TIME]
  • Police in Kabul, Afghanistan have arrested six men accused of gang rape. [WSJ]
  • A Mississippi woman has been sentenced to life in prison for killing a customer whom she injected with silicone for “bargain basement butt enhancement.” [CBS News]
  • NPR spoke with students who have been accused of sexual assault on campus and how they felt the judicial process at their university worked against them. [NPR]
  • On the rising number of homeless gay teens who are being thrown out by their religious families. Rolling Stone
  • The police in Rotherham, England are being investigated for failing to act on the sexual exploitation of 1,400 children and teens by Pakistani gangs. [New York Times]
  • Ohio’s anti-abortion governor John Kasich is expected to win his reelection. [RH Reality Check]