Cee Lo Green Tweets (And Then Deletes!) That A Woman Can’t Be Raped If She’s Unconscious

Welp, there goes my ability to ever enjoy Goodie Mob, “Crazy” or “The Voice” again, thanks to abhorrent remarks Cee Lo Green made on Twitter about the definition of rape. See, shortly after pleading “no contest” to charges stemming from a 2010 incident in which he slipped a woman ecstasy without her consent, Green took to Twitter yesterday to defend himself against claims that he raped that same woman while she was under the influence. Green and his lawyer maintain the two had “consensual sexual relations” — and prosecutors chose not to pursue additional charges because of lack of evidence — while Cee Lo, apparently, seems to believe that the woman’s lack of consciousness is proof that she couldn’t have been raped. “If someone is passed out they’re not even WITH you consciously,” he tweeted, adding, “People who have really been raped REMEMBER!!!”

Green also emphasized that pleading “no contest” to the felony drug charge was not an admittance of guilt, implying that, while he’s admitted “consensual” sexual relations occurred, actual penetration did not. He tweeted in response to one Twitter user, “so if I TRIED but did NOT succeed but the person said I DID then what really happened?” Well, Cee Lo, thanks for asking. Best case scenario? You slipped a woman an illegal, mind-altering substance without her permission, engaged in sexual relations without her consent (because — and get this through your thick skull — she was too drugged to give it), and then at the very least, in your own words, “TRIED but did NOT succeed” at raping her. Sound about right?

Late last night/early this morning, Green posted a series of sorry-not-sorry tweets and then deleted his account. His account was then restored shortly before lunch EST, with all the offending tweets deleted. But the internet never forgets. How does that one Cee-Lo song go again? Oh yeah … FUCK YOU. [Buzzfeed]