Home Improvement: 7 Ways To Cute-ify Your Place For Under $50

Whether “home” to you means a room, an apartment, or an entire house, you deserve to love the place you live. But it can be overwhelming to find cute updates for your place. Who has the time to hunt around (especially when window-shopping at Sephora is much more fun?).

Well, you’re in luck. Hunting for cute, affordable home decor just happens to be my #1 favorite past time.  In this new column, I’ll find cute ways to decorate your home, all for under $50. (I’m also happy to address specific problems or search for specific items if you shoot me an email at Jessica@TheFrisky.com!)

Without further ado, here are seven cute finds from Urban Outfitters, Wayfair, ModCloth, and good ol’ IKEA…

1. Straight And Arrow Hooks: $17,99, DotAndBo.com (requires log-in)
2. Rusted Gold Mirror: $48.99, Wayfair.com
3. Kittycat Soap Dispenser:$10.99, ModCloth.com

4. Hat & Coat Stand: $29,99, IKEA
5. Double-tiered Lace Tray: $29, Urban Outfitters
6. Steel Table: $39.99, IKEA
7. Owl Trivet: $14.99, ModCloth.com

Anything specific you are looking for to spruce up your digs? Shoot me an email and I’m happy to help!

Email me at Jessica@theFrisky.com. Follow me on Twitter.