Abercrombie & Fitch Will Drop Its Infamous Logo From Its Clothes

As Abercrombie & Fitch continues its slow descent into obscurity, the company is attempting to regain some profit by removing the logos from their clothes that once made the chain famous. After all, logos just aren’t trendy anymore, and Abercrombie is only a store for “cool” kids. Teenagers are apparently opting to spend their money on cheaper brands like Forever 21, Zara and H&M, leaving Abercrombie in the dust. The company has spent the last while scrambling to bounce back from a string of dismal PR moves like starving models, selling T-shirts that bully celebrities, and claiming for years that plus-size shoppers are not welcome in the store. The real problem isn’t these horrible decisions, it’s the douchebags behind them who are running the company. Abercrombie’s CEO, Mike Jeffries, seems to be sorely lacking in ethics, and lost his chairman title earlier this year. While North American stores will opt for a more generic look, international stores will continue to sell logo-focused apparel. At the company’s height, the Abercrombie logo was emblazoned on every popular kid’s chest in high school hallways as the brand made its fortune touting itself as an exclusive club that only the sexiest and wealthiest of teenagers got to be part of. That exclusionary attitude has gotten a whole lot of flack since the company’s prime, and maybe by letting go of the logos, they’re trying to shed that reputation. The idea of Abercrombie suddenly aiming to be inclusive is too optimistic for me to imagine though, so I’m going to assume instead that they’re hoping shirts without logos will make kids less embarrassed to buy a brand that most people now loathe. [Chicago Tribune]