11 Reasons Baseball Games Are A Great Way To Spend The Day

Summer may be winding down, but there’s still plenty of time to get yourself to a baseball game before the season ends. Last weekend, I paid a visit to Yankee Stadium (but let’s be real, I’m solely a Tigers fan) and I was reminded that baseball is one of the best warm weather activities in the whole wide world. Who needs the bar, the beach or a barbecue when you have baseball? Here are some reasons you should spend a day off at the ballpark before the season ends next month.

1. The schedule isn’t tight. Baseball games take about a million years, so no matter how late you show up, you can pick up in the middle of the action and your fellow fans will still be just as happy to see you.

2. Nowhere else can you hear such a choice assortment of cheesy 80s hits in such a limited timespan. At the ballpark, “Pour Some Sugar On Me” and “Welcome To The Jungle” playing on the loudspeakers within the span of a few minutes is not only totally acceptable, it’s expected.

3. You can drink a boozy lemonade (or two, or seven) in the middle of the day and nobody will say a damn thing about it. 

4. Baseball players’ butts. Just being honest!

5. There’s room for conversation. You and whoever you come to the game with have hours of uninterrupted bonding time as you sit in the stands. That provides more interaction than the usual choice activity of sitting side-by-side in front of your laptops on the couch, right?

6. You can finish the game in better seats than the ones you started with. There’s nothing more fun than starting out in the bleachers at a game that’s far from sold out and trying to creatively inch into seats closer to the action as the game wears on.

7. Stadium food. You can buy yourself a whole bucket of burgers. Need I say more?

8. People of every age and walk of life can dig it. You don’t need lots of money or fancy equipment to spend an afternoon on baseball, so it attracts fans from every direction. If you’re ever at a loss of what to do with an out-of-town guest or a date, it’s worth a guess that they’d love to catch a game.

9. Being a fan gives you permission to act a little bit doofy. On a fundamental level, the rituals of cheering on a sports team (shouting, wearing silly colors, doing the wave) are kind of silly, but we do it anyway. Hanging out in a stadium means you’re probably among thousands of people who are giving themselves a free pass to just be themselves and stop worrying about looking “cool” for a few hours. How relaxing!

10. It holds universal memories. I can’t speak for everyone’s youth, but growing up, baseball was definitely one of my family’s favorite things, especially my Dad’s. I’d venture that most of us who grew up in the States had some kind of family ritual surrounding the game too. Going back to the ballpark as a grown-up means reliving carefree childhood summers — but this time, with booze!

11. It’s straightforward. The finer points of the game may be confusing, but at the end of the day people come to sit in the sunshine and have a great time. It can’t get any simpler than that!

[Image via Shutterstock]