Zurich’s “Sex Boxes” Are A Success!

Tuesday marked the one-year anniversary of Zurich, Switzerland’s “sex boxes,” drive-in brothels that accommodate over a dozen sex workers. Sex work has been legal in Switzerland since the 1940s, but was largely unregulated. Previously Zurich sex workers sold themselves on the street in several neighborhoods, often climbing into clients’ cars. As can be the case even in liberal Europe, some neighbors complained about their presence. Thus, the “sex boxes” are located in an industrial area farther out from the main area of the city and customers drive to them.

The drive-in features a “panic button” in every box, security guards and on-site social workers; pimps are not allowed, according to Huffington Post. Other benefits for the women include shower facilities, a laundry, and a cafe. In exchange, the sex workers have to get permits, pay a daily fee, and their earnings are taxed. But, the UK’s Guardian reports, a significant downside is that sex workers say they’re earning less, in part because there aren’t bars or clubs near the new industrial area. Even if the new location promises more physical safety, I could easily understand how it may not seem worth it.

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[Image of a sexy woman via Shutterstock]