Awesome Great-Great-Grandmother Publishes Debut Erotica Novel At 86

When wife, mother, and now novelist Georgia Gorringe decided to write a book, people doubted the octogenarian would even finish it, let alone get it published. Gorringe, who lives in Salt Lake City, was hardly about to let age or inhibitions get in her way of her goal. She spent five years toiling away on her first novel, “No Good-Bye,” a romantic tale that Gorringe deems “steamy.” The book released this February under her pen name, Georgie Marie. The novel boasts a shocking twist ending and follows a bored housewife’s adventures when she stumbles upon a sexy voice on the radio. She listens to the voice in front of her husband to make him angry, which totally turns her on, and well, naughty chapters ensue. A passage of the book reads, “Gloria never told Dr. Ben that hearing his voice made her knees go weak and quiver. It was almost orgasmic.” When was the last time you heard your grandmother say something like that? Gorringe claims it’s fiction, but her kids say there’s more truth to it than she’s letting on. “I mean, we know who she’s talking about,” her daughter told local news station KUTV. The story will arrive on bookstore shelves soon, but in the mean time, you can read it on your Kindle. Come on, you know you’re curious. [Cosmopolitan, KUTV] [Image via KUTV]

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