RIP Society: Oklahoma City Police Officer Arrested For Sexually Assaulting 7 Women

To protect and serve, huh? Oklahoma City police arrested fellow cop Daniel Ken Holtzclaw, 27, yesterday for rape and sexual battery against seven Black women.

Oklahoma City Police Chief Bill Citty said that an investigation by the sex crimes unit found Holtzclaw assaulted the women while on-duty between February and June of this year, according to KOCO news. A three-year veteran of the force, Holtzclaw stopped women while they were walking in their neighborhoods or during traffic stops; he then searched and threatened them. He forced some of the women to perform oral sex on him, while others were forced to fondle themselves or expose themselves. One victim was raped.

“We kind of anticipate there may be more victims out there because this goes back to February,” said Oklahoma City District Attorney David Prater, as quoted by Michigan Live. Authorities are urging any other potential victims of Holtzclaw to come forward.

The fact that all seven of the victims were Black is a particularly distressing in light of the nation’s ongoing discussions about police abuse and brutality towards people of color, prompted by the death of Micheal Brown and what’s been going on Ferguson, Missouri, as well as the death of Eric Garner in New York City. Although the larger national discussion has been on police abuse in general, fear of sexual abuse by the cops is a reality of many people’s lives, both men and women.

Given how one of his victims was a 57-year-old grandma, Holtzclaw also embodies something else we know to be true about sexual predators: they seek to control and harm, not to satiate an unbridled lust. No offense to this grandmother, but my point is that the dominant cultural narrative portrays rapists as just men who “can’t help themselves” when faced with sexy young women. But Holtzclaw’s victims were older, ranging from 34 to 58, according to Michigan Live. The reality is that women (and men) of ALL ages are victimized by sexual violence and it has nothing to do with what you look like.

The arrest warrant charged Holtzclaw with forcible oral sodomy, sexual battery, indecent exposure, and first-degree charges of rape, according to Michigan Live. The officer, a former football player for the Eastern Michigan University football team, is currently being held on a $5 million bond.

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