The Christian Country Song “God Made Girls” By RaeLynn Is A Hot Feminist Mess

Hoo boy. Have you heard that song “God Made Girls” by the country singer RaeLynn? She appeared as Racheal Lynn Woodward on season two of “The Voice” on Blake Shelton’s team. It’s a cheesy feel-good song like “Butterfly Kisses” for the millennial generation with just a pinch of Taylor Swift.

To be completely fair, on a baseline level I’m never going to see eye-to-eye with a Christian song that presumes there exists a God who made men/boys first and then got around to making women/girls (as it is told in the Bible, the first woman, Eve, is made from a rib of the first man, Adam). But hey, it’s a country song. Country songs are all about stories. That’s the premise here.

Even that concession, though, doesn’t improve the message of “God Made Girls,” which appears to be: GEE, IT’S A GOOD THING BOYS HAVE GIRLS AROUND TO MAKE THEM FUNCTIONAL HUMAN BEINGS.

The many reasons God made girls includes: “make him get dressed up,” “teach him how to dance,” “give him a reason to wash that truck,” “wake him up and call his bluff and drag his butt to church.” Wait, who is going to wake the girls up? Can’t the guys get alarm clocks? Like, what if she has yoga in the morning, is he still gonna be able to get up or is that too difficult? What if we don’t know how to dance? Why is it that the women have to be in charge of making sure men have their shit together?

Even if you believe men and women were created to be each other’s complements — which I don’t — “God Made Girls” is still not a message that’s good for girls.  Do we really want to be teaching boys they can be as messed up as they want because some girl will come along and tame them? That women are “better” than men and have the responsibility of pushing them to reach their full potential? Doesn’t sound like like such a fair trade to me.

It’s easy to say “If you don’t like it, just don’t listen to it!” Believe me, I won’t. But I’m not worried about me, I’m concerned about the little girls and boys around this country who will hear this song on the radio in the car or at the grocery store, who will dance around to it at karaoke parties and sleepovers. They are the ones who are getting the messages in this.

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