Spider-Woman Is Sexy, Sexy, Sexy

This week, the site Comic Book Resources got an exclusive  look at the covers for some upcoming comics, including Spider-Woman #1.  It’s very cool of course (see one of the covers after the jump), but one of the variant covers released by Marvel (above left) is a real head-scratcher. You can see how Spider-Woman is crouching, presumably right after she climbed up a wall, with her rather-emphasized ass up in the air. Similar photos of crouching Spider-Man that I found online — the one above, as well as the one tweeted here — are not quite the same.

This is the full image of the questionable Spider-Woman #1 variant cover:

sexy spider woman marvel

I’m aware that some “sexual” body parts are simply larger than others — boobs, ass, whatever — and that being larger does not inherently mean the person with the body parts are wanting to be seen as “more sexy.” But my concern isn’t the specific size of her ass or her specific pose on their own, but rather why Marvel chose a variant cover of the comic book with both, in what adds up to be s pretty sexy cover. The matter is now being referred to on Twitter as “Spider Woman Buttgate.”

Of course, sexy is not inherently bad. But it is a questionable choice when you look how the variant covers for Spider-Man released at the same time are SO DIFFERENT. As blogger Alex Abad-Santos noted on Vox.com, the sexy Spider-Woman image was done by an artist, Milo Manara, who is particularly known for his erotic work. (Paste Magazine described Manara thusly: “His work often consists of women haphazardly losing their clothing while being pursued by men attempting to molest them”). While the cover is certainly eye-catching, it seems like Marvel perhaps does not mind alienating some comic book readers. At Vox, Abad-Santos writes,”[T]his is not what readers were expecting from a company that has made the effort to show that it’s being thoughtful about its female readership and female characters.”

Here is another cover of Spider-Woman #1 that’s a bit more traditional in style:

spider woman marvel

What do you think about Milo Manara’s take on Spider-Woman? Let us know in the comments.

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[Images via Vox and People]