Found: The Only Flat Sandal You Will Ever Need

I have a pretty serious (and embarrassing) mommy blog-reading habit, so for years now I’ve watched internet moms traipse around in Salt Water sandals, raving about them every chance they got. I put off ordering them online for years because I didn’t want to buy shoes I’d never tried on, but I eventually just guessed my size and ordered a pair — best decision ever. Now I finally understand what all the fuss is about. I’ve spent years trying to find a flat summer shoe that’s actually functional for wearing on trips to the beach or vacations that require lots of walking, and my search is finally over. Most of us remember Salt Waters from when we were kids, so I guess they’re technically considered children’s shoes, but the grown-up sizes are equally as comfy, durable, and most importantly, walkable. They are some of the only shoes I can wear the entire day without hitting some kind of pain limit around hour five.

Living in New York City, I walk about a million miles a day, and I’ve had plenty of shoes fall apart on me within a few weeks of buying them or leave my feet screaming in pain by the end of the day. My Salt Waters took about a day’s worth of breaking in and are now as solid and supportive as can be, despite the fact that they don’t have much of an arch to them. They can last through rain, sand, dirt, and yes, saltwater. I also happen to think they’re adorable. They may not be Louboutins, but they come in every color and go with everything, so they’re hardly an eyesore. If anything, they might make the wearer look younger, but as a petite girl that’s hardly something new to me. My only regret is wondering whether I should’ve gotten a tan pair instead of a red one, because they would match more of my wardrobe. In case they weren’t wonderful enough already, they are also made ethically and sweatshop-free in the USA. I got mine through ModCloth, but the Salt Water website points out every online and in-store location that stocks them. (I realize now that I have written a gushy, multiple-paragraph love letter about a pair of shoes. I feel totally shameless about this.) Have you tried Salt Waters? Are you as obsessed as I am?