Beauty Test Drive: Eyelure Katy Perry Lashes In Lovely Lolita

Who doesn’t love a little glam? I certainly do. So when I was given the opportunity to Beauty Test Drive a pair of Eyelure False Lashes, I wasn’t going to pass it up. There were hundreds of pairs to choose from (including these dramatic falsies which Sophie tried out!), but I was immediately drawn to Katy Perry’s collection since she’s one of the fiercest females in the game. I opted to try out her Lovely Lolita lashes, a subtle but voluminous pair to give my peepers some pop.

Price: $4.99, Target (in-store)

Application: Before you apply the lashes, hold them up to your own lashes to measure the length. The lashes should start about 3 millimeters from the inner corner of your eye and come close to the outer edge for optimal comfort. If the lashes are too long on the inner eye, trim them down with small scissors until they would comfortably fit.

The lashes come with a small bottle of adhesive, which can be applied very sparingly along the upper edge of the false lashes. Once the glue is applied, close the eye to which you want to apply your lash and line up the false lash above your own, pressing it down gently. Keep your eye closed for about a minute and wait for the glue to dry. Once you open your eye, if any section of the lash isn’t sticking, use a toothpick to apply a dab of glue onto the desired area. Next, apply the lashes to your other eye in the same fashion.

Once the glue is dry on both eyes, you can apply or retouch your eyeliner over the edge of the false lashes to prevent the lashes from showing. For extra pop, you can also use an eyelash curler, which will curl your own lashes and the false set.

Results: The first thing I noticed was that the lashes felt good on. They weren’t heavy or annoying when I blinked, and it only took a minute or two to feel like they weren’t even on at all. They gave my lashes a voluminous look that was natural, but sexy. I feel like I easily could get away with wearing them day-to-day without others even knowing I have falsies on. They’re sultry without looking over the top, and I’ll definitely wear them again.

Rating: 4/5