I Will Write About The Snake Sex Video, But I Will Not Watch It

My tolerance for things that are scary/gross/weird is pretty high, but when I heard about the snake sex video that has slithered its way into the internet’s fascination today, my reaction was a whole lot of NOPE.


Nope, I will not watch what the Daily Dot describes as “three and a half minutes of man-on-snake foreplay and then, eventually, copulation.” Nope, I will not suffer through what appears to be a grown adult male sticking his penis inside a snake’s genitalia. Nope, I will not grimace and choke back vomit at what amounts to a seriously fucked up person abusing an animal for their own pleasure. Not that I have any love for snakes, they scare me, but my NOPE siren knows no preferences when it comes to bestiality. NOPE NOPE NOPE NOPE. End of story.

But write about its existence? Yep, sure. [Daily Dot]