I Have Been Waiting My Whole Life For This Butter Knife

I love toast. I love butter. I especially love toast slathered in butter. And nothing ruins a perfectly good piece of toast like cold, hard butter that refuses to spread, breaks the bread and nestles into little chunks that refuse to melt. And then when you bite into it? Dry toast with chunks of butter all up in your mouth, ruining your day. If only there was a way to cut and spread cold butter in a way that keeps the structural integrity of the toast, I have found myself thinking every single time my breakfast has been destroyed.


The Stupendous Splendiferous ButterUp is a butter knife with a built in grater than allows you to thinly shred and then spread cold butter with ease. Just look at that mesmerizing GIF! Want one? Pledge $14 USD to the product’s Kickstarter and you’ll get your ButterUp in time for Christmas. [Kickstarter]