Travel Guide: 15 Things I Long To Do In Tuscany

I have always been interested in travel, but circumstances (AKA money) have made it difficult. Many of my friends opted for semesters abroad in college or backpacked after graduation. I, unfortunately, was too practical. I could never justify taking the number of days or spending the number of dollars an overseas vacation requires. Instead, I read travel guides, obsessively open travel emails, and pin picturesque destinations for vacations I have yet to take.

A few months ago, I decided it’s now or never. I checked my savings, picked a general destination, notified my husband, and jumped on the next mind-blowing travel deal that popped up in my inbox. BAM! Two tickets to Tuscany!

A few months later, I am as excited as ever, but have yet to solidify plans. If budget wasn’t a question, here are all the things I would love to do in Tuscany.

1.  Hike Cinque Terre: Walk the ancient footpath that connects five historical fishing villages overlooking the Mediterranean Sea.

2. Savor Gelato On A Sunny Day: Stop in Alberto Gelateria Corniglia for gelato made with local honey.

Savor Gelato On A Sunny Day

3. Buy A Bottle Of Sciaccherta: Cinque Terre’s desert wine is harvested along the mountain vineyards and lovingly carried by winemakers from field to winery and only sold in Europe.

4.  See Cinque Terre By Sea: Venturing aboard a local fisherman’s boat to view the villages embedded into the steep cliffs of the Italian Riviera. A breathtaking evening of music, food, wine, and snorkeling with Angelo? Yes, please.

See Cinque Terre By Sea

5. Drink The Healing Water Of Montecatini: Terme Tettuccio built in 1919 is known for it’s hydroponic therapy which includes drinking a combination of natural spring waters, relaxing walks through the historic gardens, and an evening of live music.

6. Ride Funicolare di Montecatini Terme: Ride a 100-year-old cable car to Montecatini Alto, a historic center 290 meters high, for bar hopping through Piazza Giusti!

7. Stay At A Hilltop Vineyard: Wander an olive grove, sip wine poolside, and sleep like nobility in Italian luxury.

Stay At A Hilltop Vineyard

8. Pose For A Picture With The Leaning Tower Of Pisa: No one should miss such a monumental failure in design!

9. Take A Farmhouse Cooking Class: Visit local markets to collect fresh ingredients and prepare a typical Tuscan meal.

Take A Farmhouse Cooking Class

10. Hunt For Truffles With A Furry Friend: Learn how to hunt truffles in the woods with an expert hunter and his canine partner! Followed by an all out truffle tasting orgy. YES PLEASE.

11. Visit the Villa BalbianelloNature lovers, historians, and Jedi fans gather to roam the loggias, terraces, and palazzini that make up his romantic villa.

Visit the Villa Balbianello

12. Become Enchanted By The Harp: TheLake Como Festival is featuring former child prodigy Annie Challan at the Pinacoteca Civica.

13. Enjoy A Traditional 5-Course Meal Upon Comacina Island: Antipasto all’insolana, Trota ala contrabbandiera, rottami di pollo in padella, grana all’escavadora, and Arance ala castellana, oh my! This family run restaurant has been serving the same menu for 67 years.

5 Course Meal Upon Comacina Island

14. Get A Feel For Farming: Put in a hard day’s work harvesting grapes from the vines and squeezing them with your toes on a vineyard.

15. Taste 100 Wines:  Edoteca Falorni located in the Chianti region boasts a selection of hundreds of different wines.

 Have you been to or dreamed of going to Tuscany? Share your suggestions in the comments.