Beauty Test Drive: TastyFace Organics’ Vanilla Mint Daily Moisturizer

Organic moisturizer that smells like delicious cake frosting? Yeah, I’m totally Beauty Test Driving that…

Price: $29, TastyFace Organics

Application: Per the jar’s instructions, TastyFace Organics’ Vanilla Mint Moisturizer should be applied in small, pea-sized amounts and adjusted if needed. Since I have very sensitive skin and wasn’t sure what kind of reaction I’d get from the product, if any, I followed instructions and used a teeny tiny amount on my face (though I was tempted to use more because it smells like straight-up dessert.) As it turns out, that small amount was still too much. Silky smooth and oily to the touch, I rubbed and rubbed the moisturizer into my face, but it didn’t feel like it was absorbing. Once I looked in the mirror, it confirmed that, yes, I looked like I had slathered a handful of KY on my face. It left my skin looking greasy and shiny, and worse, it felt greasy and tacky. The last thing you want from a moisturizer is to feel like you’re wearing it, let alone that it makes your face so shiny you could be the next Marvel superhero called The Human Flashlight.

I let it set in for about 20 minutes, hoping it might eventually seep into my skin and feel less tacky, but no such luck. When I finally went to apply my makeup, even the brushes were sticking (just a little, but still). I took that shit off. The next day upon opening the jar, I saw a thick yellowish film of oil atop the lotion. While separation is normal for some organic beauty products, I still find it to be kind of gross, and it just went to confirm.

Results: I felt like I was wearing sticky sugar on my face the entire time I left the moisturizer on, even after thoroughly rubbing it in. I will not be using it again. The good news is that it didn’t make me break out AND it left my face smelling nice. Silver lining, I guess?

Rating: 2/5 (but just barely, because I’m generous)