5 Affordable Rosé Wines You Really Ought To Drink Before Summer Ends

About a month ago, while out to dinner, I was taking a while making my drink selection. After a minute or two, I cocked my head to the side and said to the bartender, “You know what, can I have a glass of the rosé?”

I’d never ordered rosé before, but I felt a sudden urge to try it. And in that moment, without even knowing it, I was participating in a cultural shift that seems to have happened just this summer: magically, rosé is cool again. Not only that, it’s very cool. It’s like, the thing.

This trend was confirmed for me when I saw this article in New York magazine, detailing various rosés that I should drink before summer’s over. I clicked on it excitedly, but was disappointed when I saw that none of the wines were in my price range (that is, $15 or less/bottle). Outraged at NYMag’s lack of respect for my financial situation, I decided to create my own list! So here we are!

When I started this article, I had every intention to get to 13 wines, to match the NYMag.com list exactly, Frisky style. And listen, everyone, I tried. But the problem is, some of the wines I bought were gross and I couldn’t include them, and then I ran out of money and also, time. You see, I’ve been drunk every night this week, and I really can’t do it anymore. I need tonight off from drinking. I can’t possibly drink eight more bottles of wine tonight. You understand, right? I’m only one woman.

So, here are the five wines I picked for you. Before we get into it, you need to know one small thing, which is that I don’t know anything about wine. Like, really nothing. That said, I did invest significant time in asking various friends/liquor store employees for recommendations, and I while I may lack actual knowledge about wine, I do have a huge amount of experience drinking it. So, this list isn’t totally bogus. I promise if you buy any of these wines, you’ll probably like them.