This Year, I’m Starting My Christmas Shopping In August

According to the Daily Mail, retailers in the UK are churning out their holiday decorations already, and it is an OMG Big Deal to shoppers. I have no idea whether this is a brand new trend or a yearly thing, but I’m weirdly inspired by it. Usually, I get disgusted when retailers drum up anxiety about upcoming shopping events, like when back-to-school season begins in July (let me enjoy summer in peace!), but maybe holiday shopping should be done in the summertime. Think about it how nice it could be to leisurely go about making gift purchases in sunny weather without an ever-looming time limit for finding the perfect present for that one friend who’s impossible to shop for. Wouldn’t it be awesome to be space out the big chunks of cash you spend on presents over several months instead of doling out the usual harried lump sum you end up putting on your credit card on December 23? Even better is the thought of having a big reserve pile of Christmas cards stashed away in my apartment before November even arrives. The holiday season, in my mind, is generally a big stress-filled blur, and that clouds my decision-making abilities when it comes to gift shopping. In December, the mall crowds are awful, the weather is horrific, many of us are facing the seasonal blues. That time of year, all I want is to curl up under a blanket or actually celebrate the holidays with loved ones instead of wasting time shopping for it. Because of all that seasonal baggage, I rush into buying overpriced presents just to get it over and done with. We can all do better than this!

So far, sales in the UK have shown there’s a pretty decent market for this early holiday frenzy. Selfridges department store in London has already put out its North Pole-themed holiday display (even I think that’s way too early) and a pub put up a Christmas tree, but was forced to take it down after customers complained. At one time in my life, I would’ve thought premature Christmas shopping was obnoxious and even obsessive, but I can’t imagine anything that could compare to the feeling of being actually organized when the first day of December arrives. I would feel on top of the world, and the next time I read a thinkpiece about how I can’t “have it all” and how modern women are failures at domesticity, I can think to myself smugly, “maybe I can’t bake a quality Pinterest dessert, but I can have all my Christmas presents beautifully wrapped and piled up in the closet by October.” I can feel the satisfaction already. I’m making a change this summer – Christmas shopping starts right now. Do any of you do this already? Any other shopping quirks you’d like to share? [Daily Mail UK] [Image via Shutterstock]