Oxford English Dictionary Adds “Mansplain” And “Douchebag”

  • Someone at the Oxford Engilsh Dictionary is a feisty feminist: both “douchebag” and “mansplain” have been added to the publication, confirming their place in our lexicon. So, next time I grumble about how you can open up the dictionary to the word “mansplain” and see a picture of Bill Maher, he might actually be there! [The Mary Sue]
  • Fremont, California, has caved into hysterical parents worried about a new sex ed text book. [San Francisco Gate]
  • A cake shop in Schuylkill Haven, Pennsylvania, refused to sell a couple a cake for a party after renewing their wedding vows. They’re a Christian bakery, you see, and “the owner talked to Jesus for two weeks,” and Jesus apparently said no cakes for lesbians. [PA Homepage]
  • Feminista Jones, the activist and writer who spearheaded tonight’s National Moment Of Silence 2014 (#NMOS14), explains why police brutality is a feminist issue. [Feministing]
  • Speaking of police brutality, why do we hear so little/nothing about the female victims of state violence? [Feministing]
  • Meet Tracy Chou, 26, an engineer at Pinterest who has persuaded Apple and other Silicon Valley companies to share data about the race and gender of their employees. [Vocativ]
  • The Chicago Blackhawks will stop playing a song called “The Stripper” during their “shoot the puck” contest. [ESPN]
  • I’m telling you, when I was 16-years-old and we first got the Internet at my parents’ house, gURL.com was my everything. [NYmag.com]
  • Will Bikini Kill ever make the Rock ‘n Rock Hall of Fame? [NPR]

[Image via MemeGenerator.net]