Dr. Keith Ablow Of Fox News Says Michelle Obama Should “Drop A Few” Before Talking About Nutrition

Dr. Keith Ablow, professional douchebag/member of Fox’s “Medical A-Team,”  is known for his general assholery and sometimes-shady health advice. On Tuesday, he appeared on the show “Outnumbered” and made a remark that was bold even for him: he said he couldn’t take Michelle Obama’s school nutrition campaign seriously because she needs to “drop a few” pounds.

Yes, he just called the First Lady — this First Lady — fat.

As Ablow spread his arms wide on the studio couch he added, “There’s no french fries happening? That’s all kale and carrots? I don’t buy it.” The four women who host the show were unimpressed by that cheap ploy, and co-host Harris Faulkner even asked whether the show was on a seven-second delay, presumably so Ablow’s comment could be edited out before airing. Spoiler alert: it most definitely was not — Fox lives for this stuff. The very next day, Ablow doubled down, telling the politics blog Politico that Michelle Obama is “not fit”:

“I do dislike hypocrisy and I really do believe that people speaking about diet should be role models themselves, and I’m not sure if the First Lady is that role model … I’m not taking food advice from an American who dislikes America, who in many photographs during her tenure as First Lady is obviously not fit … It happens to be the case that the First Lady during her tenure has not been consistently a picture of fitness.”

To stir the pot a little more, yesterday, conservative pundit Laura Ingraham played the song “Fat-Bottomed Girls” on her radio show yesterday mixed with sound bites of Ablow’s remarks. Then she tried to pass it off as coincidental.

Do I even need to begin with how offensive these conservatives are being towards the First Lady? It’s the oldest (and least imaginative) trick in the book: try to invalidate a woman by calling fat or ugly, as if her appearance has any bearing on the strength of her thoughts or the actions she takes. Ablow’s implication is that every woman should have to justify her looks before she opens her mouth to speak, and that is utter bullshit.

On top of that, he’s distracting from the actual subject at hand: the thousands of American kids who are being fed total junk by the schools that they trust to take care of them, who then often go home to eat even more processed food for dinner because hey, kale is expensive for broke parents. Michelle Obama is trying to improve that, but apparently Fox thinks her weight is a more important issue to discuss.

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