Man Assaulted, Knocked Unconscious After Defending Women From Catcallers

It’s not just women who are at risk of being hurt if they stand up to street harassment: a man in Philadelphia was attacked and knocked unconscious when he tried to stop a car full of men from catcalling a group of women. NBC Philadelphia reported that a 39-year-old man visiting from Texas saw several men pull up in a car in Rittenhouse Square and start harassing a group of women. When the visiting Texan told the men to “watch what you’re saying,” according to police, one of the passengers got out and punched him in the head. The victim fell over and whacked his head on the concrete; as of yesterday, he was hospitalized in stable condition.

My heart goes out to this Good Samaritan for his suffering, yet this is a reality that women live with every day. We learn to cope with catcalling by ignoring it, by walking faster; the men get to say what they’re going to say and we cope by avoiding a confrontation, lest it turn nasty. Even as we’re being made publicly uncomfortable and humiliated, we have the ever present fear of male violence for saying “no,” for saying “stop it,” for saying “fuck you, leave me alone.”  This assault is an isolated story in Philadelphia, but it could have just as easily happened anywhere else to anyone else.

[NBC Philadelphia]

[Image of harassment via Shutterstock]