Watch Nikki DeLoach of “Awkward” And “Talk Nerdy” Host Cara Santa Maria Talk About Sexism In Hollywood

Nikki DeLoach, who plays Lacey on MTV’s “Awkward,” and Cara Santa Maria of the podcast “Talk Nerdy” paid a visit to “The Rubin Report” to talk about sexism in Hollywood. The names of the highest-paid actors and actresses in the industry have been released, and even though both genders on the list are swimming in millions, there’s still a significant gap between what male and female film stars rake in. Both ladies had some pretty interesting thoughts on the matter, and Cara weighed in with this commentary:

“I worked in the sciences for a long time before I came into production and started working in front of and behind the camera, and people talk about sexism in STEM all the time – science, technology, engineering, math – and how women don’t have the opportunities that men have and how we’re really working really to push through the glass ceiling. When I got into production I thought it would be a relief…it’s almost worse in Hollywood than it is in the sciences. Women don’t have as many opportunities available to them.”

Nikki DeLoach added:

“I work on a show where finally this season we were able to get some female directors on the show. But besides the creator herself, we had not had any – in three seasons – female directors.. and it’s like where are these women, they’re out there but they’re not getting the same opportunities … that’s where the big struggle is…I do think it is changing in terms of female leads. ‘Hunger Games’ is a good example, Sandra Bullock in ‘Gravity,’ Angeline Jolie in every action movie she’s ever done, I think that it is changing, it is getting better, so that’s something positive.” 

Check out the full interview for more thoughts from these two on life as a woman in Hollywood and whether we should even care since actors are still making more money than most of us could ever hope to see (spoiler alert: the amount of money involved doesn’t change make sexism any less real).