Jezebel Staff Calls Out Gawker Media For Continually Ignoring Commenter Harassment

  • The staff of posted a memo today calling out their employer, Gawker Media, for ignoring the constant harassment they face from trolls in their comments section. The staff describes how users from “anonymous, untraceable burner accounts” frequently post violent rape GIFs in their comment threads, which have to be manually deleted by staffers. Jezebel calls out Gawker Media, which uses its own proprietary Kinja publishing platform, for refusing to block or even record these IP addresses, as it doesn’t want to impede its access to possible tipsters. Jezebel’s editorial director Joel Johnson took to Twitter shortly after to admit, “I’ve dropped the ball and they’re right to call me out. … I don’t have a solution yet but that’s my problem.” [Jezebel;]
  • Over at The Washington Post, columnist Alyssa Rosenberg opines that when it comes to feminist blogging, “it sometimes seems like burnout is part of the business model.” [Washington Post]
  • Iran voted today to ban permanent forms of contraception, such as vasectomies, in an attempt to boost the population. Under the ban, doctors who assist with such forms of family planning will be punished. [Guardian UK]
  • Irish boxing manager Kellie Maloney (formerly Frank Maloney) has publicly announced she is a trans woman. [Autostraddle]
  • A federal judge staying in an Atlanta hotel was arrested on Saturday night for allegedly assaulting his wife. [Atlanta Journal-Constitution]
  • At San Diego’s Comic-Con this year, professor Sheena Howard became the first Black woman to win the Eisner Award, the “Oscars” of comic book awards. [Clutch Magazine]
  • Meet India’s 90-year-old “sexpert” columnist in the Mumbai Mirror. [New York Times]

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