Color-Changing Henna Lipstick Is So Much Fun

This odd green lipstick, also known as Magic Moroccan Hare Color Changing Lipstick, is one of my favorite beauty products in the whole wide world — and the universe’s resolution smudgy, goopy lipstick hang-ups. It’s often referred to as henna lipstick because of its staining power, though there isn’t any straight-up proof that it’s truly a Moroccan product or that it includes henna in it. What the lipstick does likely have in it is Red 27, which was a major ingredient in the short-lived “mood lipstick” trend of the ’80s (apparently, color-changing lipstick has been around for about a billion years and my generation is late to the game). The moment the stuff hits your lips, the Red 27 allows it to change from green to a lovely reddish-pink hue. The coolest part is that it shows up as a different color on everyone — the lipstick reacts to the acidity and temperature of your lips, creating a slightly different shade on everyone who uses it. Because your body chemistry varies, you could find yourself wearing a different color from one day to the next.

At first, the lipstick hardly looks like its been applied, but within a few minutes, the color grows brighter and richer, and stains your lips for several hours — so much easier than reapplying regular lipstick every ten seconds! It’s worth mentioning that some conflicting ideas have come to light about whether Red 27 is safe for our lips in the first place — maybe that’s why mood lipstick dropped off the radar for a while. But it’s still on the FDA’s list of approved color additives, so I take that as my permission to go all-out with the stuff. It can be tough to find in stores, so your best bet would be scouring eBay for a worthy deal. The average price seems to have gone up a bit in the past year or so (I swear I remember paying a total of $5 for a tube once!), but the extra few bucks are totally worth it for what is basically a dress-up game disguised as makeup. [Man Repeller] [Image via Maquilleo]