Sex Education Textbook Is Too Educational, Fret California Parents

If there’s one thing we gotta be sure about when it comes to sex education textbooks, it’s that they can’t be too sexy. We wouldn’t would impressionable children getting any ideas that sex can be pleasurable, right?! Teachers and parents in Fremont, California, gave input leading to the purchase of Your Health Today, which will be used for ninth-grade classes. But other parents are griping about the book being “pornography,” cranky that the sex ed book is more appropriate for the college level thanks to drawings of anatomy and topics like birth control, foreplay and masturbation. And God forbid, it even mentions orgasms!

“There’s a section that tells you how to talk to your prospective partners about your sexual history. How does that relate to a 14-year-old kid? I don’t see it at all,” one parent who needs to get a clue huffed to the San Jose Mercury News. Another parent complained about a section “that mentioned bondage with ropes and handcuffs.” Hey, playing around with bondage and ropes and handcuffs isn’t gonna get your child pregnant, dude.

The school district insists that the book is “up to date” in terms of what children in 2014 are dealing with and notes that parents can opt to keep their children out of the sex ed portion of health classes. That’s not enough for these parents, who seem not to understand how sheltering their children puts their kids at a disadvantage.  Seriously, have any of these parents watched TV or a music video, or been on the Internet recently? Teenagers and children are getting sex lessons everywhere. At least if they’re getting it in a textbook (one would hope) it’s accurate.

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