Bride Posts List Of Reasons Why You’re Not Invited To Her Wedding On Facebook

When I find out a friend or acquaintance is getting married, I’m happy for them, but I definitely don’t sit around waiting for my invitation to the wedding to arrive. I enjoy weddings, but the only ones I actually want to attend are the ones being held by people who I really love and know well — I certainly don’t care, nor am I offended when someone who is part of my peripheral circle or just a random Facebook friend doesn’t invite me to theirs. Which is why it is absolutely absurd to me that a bride would deem it necessary to publicly inform and explain why you might not be receiving an invitation to her upcoming nuptials, especially in the form of a Facebook post. But that’s exactly what one self-absorbed bride did! Via Reddit comes the following FB post (typos are her own):

We are sending out invites for the wedding this week. Going through the list of people to invite. We only have so much room at the church and reception. I’m going to try and make this as simple as possible so no one gets butt hurt. If you do not get an invite here is a list of potential reasons why.

1. If I have invited you everytime we have a group function and you never show up

2. If you are just a work acquaintance and I have never hung out with you outside of work

3. If I show up to thinks [sic] you invite me to and you never show up to our invites or even respond

4. If I have only hung out with you in a group setting and we’re not that close of friends

5. If at any point you have ever talked shit about me or [REDACTED] your [sic] definitely not invited

6. If your [sic] only going to show up for food and alcohol and really have no interest other than that

7. If you got married and I thought we were friends and you didn’t invite me

If you don’t get an invite and you are planning on coming let me or [REDACTED]

Um, call me crazy, but the only person who sounds butthurt is the bride in question, who clearly still has a thorn in her ass about all the various times she has been snubbed or dissed. Someone has been keeping score! Seriously though, if you’re getting married and cannot or choose not to invite someone who you know will be hurt/upset, deal with them individually. Because the rest of your Facebook friends DO NOT GIVE A SHIT. [Reddit via Jezebel]