Man Pretends To Be Ghost In Cemetery, Gets Fined For Being An Asshole

When a loved one passes away, those mourning can expect to receive flowers, cards, food and other condolences, but there’s one thing that’s not usually customary at the funeral: cemetery hooligans pretending to be ghosts. Such was not the case for grieving visitors at Portsmouth, England’s Kingston Cemetery.

Anthony Stallard, 24, was recently reported to police and arrested after continuously yelling “Wooooooh,” flailing his arms about and throwing himself backwards at the cemetery within earshot of mourners, to which his prosecutor said, “I’m assuming he was pretending to be a ghost.” But before this act of disrespectful dickishness, Anthony, who is currently unemployed, was also singing while he and a friend kicked a soccer ball at various graves on site, allegedly damaging them.

Police arrested him and charged him with using threatening or abusive words or behavior likely to cause distress. He was fined about $100 and an extra three months were added to his already 12-month suspended sentence for having previously been accused of assault. If he commits another offense that breaches his suspended sentence, he’s facing 12 weeks imprisonment.

The best part? Denise Saunders, Anthony’s defense attorney, said of the accused: “He has accepted that his behavior, if it had been outside of a cemetery, would not have been inappropriate. But inside a cemetery, while people are grieving for their loved ones, it might be.”


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