Hot Felon Jeremy Meeks Has An Action Figure Now

Remember smoking hot, model-esque felon, Jeremy Meeks? Of course you do! How could anyone forget those piercing baby blue eyes and kissable lips? Anyway, in addition to contending with felony weapons charges, Meeks has been fielding modeling and porn offers, and now he’s even got his own action figure! The fine folks at have crafted 12-inch likeness called the Hot Convict, which can be added to your action figure collection (what, you don’t have one?) for $109. That may sound expensive, but I think it’s a small price to pay for the joy of making him hump my Deanna Troi action figure. []

UPDATE: According to Mashable, Meeks was not so stoked about ThatsMyFace making an action figure without his permission first and has nixed the whole idea. ThatsMyFace has asked that we take down the photo of the action figure and says that it is not for sale (anymore!). (Instead I’ll just embed a tweet from which, OOPS, has a photo of the doll, after the jump…) [Mashable]