Following Arrest, Tennessee To Send Drug Addicted New Mom To Rehab

  • Prosecutors in Tennessee made a deal with the first woman to be arrested under a new law that jails mothers whose offspring test positive for drugs. Mallory Loyola, 26, will first undergo rehab treatment for meth as soon as room opens in a treatment center; prosecutors will assess her recovery and then decide whether to pursue an assault case. [Raw Story]
  • The parents of Renisha McBride say “justice was served” today as her killer Theodore Wafer was found guilty of second-degree murder and other charges. [Detroit Free Press]
  • Feministing’s Jos Truitt has a piece in the Columbia Journalism Review explaining why The New Yorker’s recent article about trans-exclusionary radical feminists (TERFs) and transgender folks was one-sided. [Columbia Journalism Review]
  • Nope, sorry, rapists, you don’t get to claim you abused children because you were “possessed.” [Clutch Magazine]
  • A case for the decriminalization of sex work. [xoJane]
  • Why teaching “respect” won’t end violence against women. [Feministing]
  • What the world really needs is a queer Dear Sugar. [Autostraddle]

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