Designer Spotlight: Be A Diva In Vintage-Inspired Nylon Stockings

Nylon stockings have an impressive history in the United States, dating back to 1939. Making a debut at the New York World’s Fair, affordable, durable, and sheer nylon stockings quickly gained popularity in the early 1940s before being rationed during WWII. Post-war “nylon riots” ensued when droves of stocking-deprived women descended upon the product’s return to shelves.

Designer Spotlight: Nylon Stocking At Worlds Fair

Why riot for them now? Well, have you ever tried to wear “stay-ups”? Modern stockings with built in thigh grips to keep them in place? They sure do look pretty on a Photoshopped model.  In reality, they irritate the skin like a bitch and can pinch sensitive thigh skin, creating rolls. In fact, they can make a perfectly confident lady self-conscious and fidgety. Not sexy.

Designer Spotlight: Stay Ups Can Create Rolls

Traditional 100 percent nylon stockings feel smoother than the blends modern ladies are used to. The stockings are designed to hold their own shape and are supported by a garter belt. Say no to control top, say yes to a curvy booty. Ladies of all shapes and sizes will feel sensual in nylons. Just look at Dita Von Teese! The burlesque star collaborated with nylon company Secrets In Lace on her own line of 100 percent nylon stockings, crafted on the original fully fashioned knitting machines from the hosiery’s heyday. Check out some of the line’s sexy stuff in the gallery above. Warning, fine nylon stockings may inspire you to perform a strip tease.