Allison Janney On “Masters Of Sex”: “Who Gets To Do A Sex Scene When You’re 50?”

 “I had to ask for just a little shot of courage before I had my first sex scene with Teddy Sears [on Masters of Sex] who is just the most gorgeous, wonderful, handsome specimen. … When I say courage, just a little shot of bourbon … I just wanted something to take the edge off because I was beyond nervous. Who gets to do a sex scene when you’re 50?”

“Masters Of Sex” is the best show on television right now, partly due to the incredible cast including Allison Janney. Both her and Caitlin FitzGerald, who plays Libby Masters, have a way of making sexually frustrated, middle-class housewives look sympathetic instead of desperate. [Slight spoiler alert ahead.] On the show, Janney plays the clueless wife of the deeply closeted university provost. Once she finally figures out her husband is gay, she takes her sexual pleasure into her own hands with a hot, young thang. The fact that she’s 50-something means nothing — Janney’s sex scenes are great. Every time we watch one, my husband reminds me that Allison Janney is on his “list.” [NPR]