No, But Seriously, Kathleen Hanna Is Just What Miley Cyrus Needs

I’m a fan of Miley Cyrus’ most recent hip-hop influenced album. I think it’s fun and silly and clever and while Miley’s attempts at rapping are fairly laughable, her singing voice is still on point. Besides, I admire the don’t give a fuck boldness of chucking your entire brand in the trash and trying something completely different, when the risk of failing miserably is so high. I think it’s cool that she experiments with her clothes and hair, especially when it goes against the typical pop standards for beauty, and I’m down with any woman who wants to talk publicly about the awesomeness of masturbation and feminism.

What I’m not a fan of, however, is Miley’s general brattiness and her unwillingness to listen to thoughtful, intelligent criticism, both of which, let’s face it, reflect her age and the fact that she’s been surrounded by yes men since she was a child. For awhile now, I’ve been thinking, Miley just needs a good female influence, someone who she admires enough to allow them to tell her when she’s being a dildo. Someone who can introduce her female artists and musicians who really pushed the boundaries of expression and sexuality. Someone who explain to her exactly why Robin Thicke is the worst. A woman who can teach her how to fucking ROCK. That person has arrived in the form of Kathleen Hanna, legendary riot grrrl and member of Bikini Kill and Le Tigre.

Last week, Miley posted two photos of Hanna during her Bikini Kill days to her Instagram account, expressing her admiration. Miley has shouted out her influences before, which most notably resulted in a weird internet fight with Sinead O’Connor, who took issue with Miley positioning herself as a likeminded artist. Kathleen Hanna, however, saw an opportunity. She reached out to Miley over Twitter — as they do now – and said she wanted to collaborate on an album with her. While I’m sure many a riot grrrl (once a riot grrrl, always a riot grrrl, no matter what decade it is) is appalled at the thought, I happen to think Kathleen Hanna is just what Miley Cyrus needs. For the love of L7, please make this a reality. [Pitchfork]