News Crew Scratched, Terrorized By Ghosts During Visit To Local Haunted Home

First and foremost, I will start by saying that I love horror films, ghost stories and any excuse to scare the bejesus out of myself. I commonly find myself locking all doors and windows before I go to bed, checking under my bed for serial killers and half-expecting to find Norman Bates behind my shower curtain. With that said, this story about a local news crew who was harassed by demons while visiting a local haunted home has “oh hell no” written all over it. Scary stories are fine and dandy when they’re in the movies, but as soon as my own home turns into the Devil’s playground, I am out. Not so much for these people…

A Fox News crew headed to a home to film a “local color” feature about how the house, which was set to appear on “The Dead Files,” is allegedly haunted. While filming the segment, the news crew found themselves being harassed by the demons that lived in the home— DEAD SERIOUS (pun totally intended). One of the camera operators was mid-interview when he felt a burning pain on his wrist, and looked down to find a scratch crawling up his wrist. The homeowner (yes, some crazy people actually live there) said it’s not the first time someone’s been scratched, and to consider it “a warning” for telling the story.

On top of that, they witnessed doors closing on their own, a figure known as “The Shadow Man,” (which seems like something you’d see on “American Horror Story”) and heard recordings of the evil spirits talking within the home. Even the reporter was pinched. NOPE. NOPE. Count me the fuck out. [Jezebel]