Pissed Off Mom Sells “Spoiled Brat” Daughter’s Katy Perry Tickets On Facebook

One teenage girl from Fargo, North Dakota, won’t be seeing Katy Perry’s whipped cream rocket bra in person this month, thanks to her fed up mother. Cindy Bjerke decided to teach her daughter a lesson by selling the teen’s Katy Perry concert tickets online, which to me, seems like a pretty good punishment. The problem was that the tickets were posted to the Fargo/Moorhead Online Garage Sale Facebook page along with a post which read “spoiled brat daughter doesn’t deserve these tickets.” Naturally, along with a ton of offers, Cindy received quite a bit of backlash about her parenting.

According to the New York Daily News, people said Cindy’s punishment was “a personal matter that shouldn’t be handled in such a public manner,” but that didn’t prevent one lucky Katy fan from swooping up the tickets in five minutes for $90. Cindy’s post has since been deleted because the folks in charge of the Fargo/Moorhead Online Garage Sale Facebook page claim the attention from her post was distracting from the purpose of their page. In her own defense, Cindy said, “It doesn’t matter what side you’re on, you’re always wrong to somebody. I think a lot of parents are like me and feel like they are being bullied over how they should parent their own children.”

While I’m sure some parents do sometimes feel bullied by others about how they should be raising their kids, how is that any different than publicly embarrassing or bullying your own child into feeling shame? Bullies being bullied: see how that whole full-circle thing works? Sigh. [Jezebel]