Beyonce Addresses Elevator Incident In Hot “Flawless” Remix Featuring Nicki Minaj

Beyonce would be Beyonce if she didn’t randomly drop the hottest remix ever for her her song “Flawless” late on a Saturday night without any fanfare. After all, with Nicki Minaj guesting on the track and a direct reference to that whole elevator fight between husband Jay Z and sister Solange, who needs publicity? “Of course sometimes shit go down when it’s a billion dollars on the elevator,” Beyonce raps/sings (twice!) on the track, which features the addition of some seriously dope horns and Nicki’s biting rhymes. Mmkay, Bey. But my personal favorite line and my personal mantra henceforth is this: “You can say what you want, I’m the shit. I want everyone to feel like this.” YAS BEY YASSSS. []