Pennsylvania Police Accused Of Discriminating Against Women In Physical Fitness Test

  • The Pennsylvania State Police are being sued by the Justice Department over the allegation that its physical fitness test discriminates against women. . [ [Huffington Post; CBS Local]
  • One Chinese city is paying families about $161 to give their daughters the mother’s last name in order to encourage the idea that girls can carry on a family bloodline. [Market Watch]
  • Emma Watson posted a picture of herself laughing in response to a Turkish politician’s comment that women who laugh in public are not chaste. [Telegraph UK]
  • Women and girls of color in L.A. are demanding to be part of President Obama’s initiative targeted towards young men of color, My Brother’s Keeper. [ColorLines]
  • A Chinese court is taking up so-called “gay conversation therapy.” Apparently you can zap the gayness out with electroshocks! [Yahoo News]
  • After she was ridiculed for her stretch marks, a mother of five wrote this awesome response on Facebook. [Cosmopolitan]
  • Is the reality TV show “Big Brother” (which Amelia is obsessed with) having its most sexist season ever? [Washington Post]
  • Meet the founder of the Tumblr blog Confused Cats Against Feminism! [Catster]

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