Acquitted NYPD “Rape Cop” Is Now Suing His Accuser For $175 Million

Kenneth Moreno, the NYPD police officer who was accused of raping a woman in her apartment back in 2008 and then acquitted along with his partner in 2011, is now suing his accuser, along with the city, the Manhattan district attorney and others, for $175 million. The night of the alleged assault, Moreno and his partner were called to the 27-year-old accuser’s apartment after a cab driver called the police because the woman was highly intoxicated and having a difficult time climbing the stairs. The officers helped the woman into her apartment and then took her keys, returning multiple times throughout the night.

“I woke up to being penetrated from behind,” the woman said in a 2011 interview. “I woke up because the action of his penetration was so hard that my head was moving toward the window [at the head of her bed] like it was going to go through it.”

During the trial, Moreno denied raping the woman, but did admit to spooning her in bed and singing her a Bon Jovi song. However, during a pre-trial confrontation with the woman in front of the stationhouse, Moreno was caught on tape telling her that he used a condom. Ultimately, the jury found the prosecution’s case to be unpersuasive — one of a few botched cases by the D.A. — and acquitted Moreno and his partner of rape, but convicting them of misconduct, and Moreno served nine months in prison. Apparently, the piece of shit has had a hard time finding work — imagine that! — which has prompted him to file the lawsuit.

Moreno may have been acquitted of rape in a court of law, but anyone with an ounce of sense knows that he’s guilty. Moreno and his partner used their badges to take advantage of an incredibly inebriated woman who they had been entrusted to escort home. Moreno faked a 911 call so that he could have an excuse to return to her neighborhood and enter her apartment again — with her keys, which he took — so he could have sex with her while she was too drunk to give consent. Somehow, someway, he managed to get away with it with only a slap on the wrist, and now he has the audacity to sue the woman he violated? Kenneth Moreno is an even sicker fuck than I thought. [Gothamist]