Teen Raped At Keith Urban Concert In Front Of Hundreds Of Fans

According to an article in the Daily Mail, a 17-year-old fan attending a raucous Keith Urban concert in Mansfield, MA, [UPDATE: Previously said UK, sorry!] was raped in full view of hundreds of fans by an 18-year-old named Sean Murphy. Multiple onlookers took video of the assault on their cellphones. According to the police report, Murphy was only apprehended and charged after a female witness told the police that she believed someone had been raped. The witness apparently pushed Murphy off of the victim and asked the victim if the sex had been consensual, to which the victim replied, “No.”

First of all, it is incredibly disturbing that a crowd of people stood back and did nothing, save pressing “record” on their cellphone cameras, while a young woman was sexually assaulted — although said video will no doubt help prove Murphy is guilty in a society that makes it difficult for rape cases to be prosecuted. Secondly, the woman who actually came to the victim’s defense , pushing the attacker off of her and going to police, should be lauded as a hero. It is a damn shame that she acted alone. [Daily Mail UK]