Meet Mississippi’s Christian Abortion Provider

  • Meet Dr. Willie Parker, a Christian and one of the two providers who travels to Mississippi’s only abortion clinic to terminate unwanted pregnancies. He is, without a doubt, an inspiration and a hero. [Esquire]
  • Basement trolls got very upset when a critic for the Village Voice gave “Guardians Of the Galaxy” a bad review, going so far as to slam her with sexist insults. High five for the male colleague who stood up for her. [The Mary Sue]
  • How much do I love these Turkish women posting pictures of themselves laughing in response to a politician’s remark that women’s laughter is unchaste? [Guardian UK]
  • Fetal alcohol syndrome is poorly defined and used to blame and criticize mothers. [RH Reality Check]
  • Another abortion clinic in Texas has closed its doors. [Cosmopolitan]
  • The rate of domestic violence arrests among NFL players is actually way lower than the national average for men in their age range, despite what you might come to believe from reading the tabloids. [Five Thirty Eight]
  • Police are investigating the stabbing of a 15-year-old trans teen girl on the Washington, D.C. subway. Fortunately a friend on the train tried stopping the assault. [BuzzFeed; ColorLines]
  • First Lady Michelle Obama spoke to young Africans about how gender equality helps nations thrive. [PBS]
  • Check out these 40 LGBTQ-friendly picture books for babies and little kids! [Autostraddle]
  • On how smartphones and apps like Circle Of Six help increase campus safety pertaining to sexual assault. [NPR]
  • Frisky readers in the Chicago area: check out this arts scholarship for sexual assault and sexual abuse survivors. [Judith Dawn Memorial Fund]
  • This woman’s boss called her father to talk to him about her “provocative” office attire and left Bible verses on her desk when he found out she was going through a divorce. [xoJane]

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