An Inner Monologue: The 17 Stages Of Trying To Have An Orgasm (In GIFs)

Happy National Orgasm Day! And for some of you, Happy Faking It Day! I can only hope that those of you who plan on commemorating today’s holiday will find success in your sexual endeavors, but I’m sure more than a few of you will end up flipping through “King of Queens” reruns and letting out an occasional moan while your oblivious but hopefully enthusiastic and determined significant other goes to town under the covers. It’s not always easy achieving the “Big O,” but it’s more tangible than catching a rainbow unicorn, I promise you. The struggle is real, and a lot goes through your head when you’re trying to hit those high notes. Here’s what you can expect to think step-by-step (in GIFs).

1.  “Lalala…”

Orgasm 1

2. “Oh! That feels nice. Keep doing that.”

Orgasm 2

3. “Just a little longer…”

orgasm 3

4. “Nope, lost it.”

Orgasm 4

5. “Maybe?”

Orgasm 5

6. “I wonder if we need lube…”

Orgasm 6

7. “Now you’re talkin’…”

orgasm 7

8. “So close. One. More. Minute.”

orgasm 8

9. “FUCK, I have an ass cramp.”

orgasm 9

10. “Did my roommate just come home?”

orgasm 10

11. “Nooooooo, I lost it again.”

orgasm 11

12. “Did my foot just fall asleep or is that an orgasm coming on?”

orgasm 12

13. “Ohhh yeah…”

orgasm 13

14. “It’s coming…”


15. “YESSSSSSSSSS. Success.”

orgasm 15

16. “So sensitive. Too sensitive. Stop touching me now…”

orgasm 16

17. “I’m going for a double…”

orgasm 17