Alleged Girlfriend Turns In Suspected Child Molester After She Sees Him On A CNN Crime Show

Monday’s apprehension of accused child molester Charles Mozdir in New York City is owed not just to the brave police officer and two U.S. marshals who took bullets during the incident; the anonymous woman who recognized Mozdir on John Walsh’s show CNN “The Hunt” and immediately called the police also should be heralded as a hero.

According to the New York Times, Mozdir, 32, was accused of molesting a young boy he had babysat, as well as a family friend’s son while the child was sick. He reportedly molested the sick child while the kid’s mom was sleeping, telling the kid that it was normal and his parents would be angry if he told them. (Fortunately, the child immediately told his parents.) A search by investigators then found bestiality and child porn videos on Mozdir’s computer and phone; a roommate warned that he owned guns and had threatened to kill one of the victim’s fathers. Mozdir bailed on his arraignment for child molestation and for the past two years, had been on the lam with a fake ID, longer hair and a beard.

Police think he flitted from California to Georgia to Florida to New York City. When the episode of “The Hunt” (by the same guy who did “America’s Most Wanted”) aired originally on July 20th, police got a tip that Mozdir was currently living in New York City. Then police got a call from a woman in Florida who has been described by the New York Post as a girlfriend of Mozdir’s. She only learned Mozdir was a pedophile after she saw rerun of “The Hunt” on Sunday night. As the New York Post puts it, she was “so disgusted she contacted authorities and gave them his cellphone number.”

Through his cell, the authorities tracked Mozdir to a smoke shop where he worked in NYC’s West Village. They cased the location and saw he was working on Monday. When they raided the shop around midday, Mozdir pulled out a revolver. He shot at and wounded an officer and two federal marshals before he was killed.

Although John Walsh is right that this story has a “tough ending,” I’m glad the families of the children he abused no longer have to be afraid he is out there. I hope this woman in Florida knows that she did the right thing by calling in that tip and helping police capture a pedophile. Lots of people might have thought it was easier to just not get involved.

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[Image via CNN’s “The Hunt”]