Weed Weddings Are All The Rage In Colorado

Forget an open bar, the coolest way to impress your wedding guests is to pass them a blunt and offer up a plate of THC-laced brownies. That’s right, man, weed weddings — “weedings,” obvs — are the hot new nuptial trend in, where else, Colorado. According to an article in The New York Times — which came out in favor of legalization in an op-ed this weekend — weed weddings involve everything from marijuana-laced baked goods, to pot buds used in boutonnieres and bouquets, to full on smoke dens for guests to chill out in. Part of the appeal is that marijuana typically makes people feel more loving, the perfect vibe for the joining of two souls, ya dig?

“Marijuana intoxication is full of positive emotion,” Dale Dyke, owner of Denver’s Get High Getaways, told the Times about couples who host toked up weddings at the bed and breakfast. “People feel love and connection. Every single person cried at the wedding.”

I’m, ya know, cool, as Slater in “Dazed and Confused” would say, so I would not turn down an opportunity to attend a weed wedding and verify firsthand that it is indeed as magically stinky as it sounds. Anyone know a couple getting married in Colorado? I’ll be your plus one! [NY Times via NYMag.com]