This Bracelet Will Give You An Electric Shock For Indulging In Bad Habits

An upcoming bracelet and app called the Pavlok will help you change your habits by giving you an electric shock when you fail at them. You get to choose the habit you’d like to work on, like spending too much time on the internet, going to the gym, losing hard-earned cash, or getting up at a certain time in the morning. Then you get to set a consequence to hold yourself accountable, which can range from Pavlok posting embarrassing stuff on your on Facebook wall, vibrations from your bracelet, losing hard-earned cash, or even a 340V electric shock. As the Pavlok’s promotional video says, there are so many self-improvement devices on the market that don’t really work, so “what if we get a device that changes behavior?”

Spoiler alert: the other products didn’t work because people change their own behavior.

The bracelet isn’t going to run on the treadmill for you, and a person has to at least kind of want to change on their own for apps like this to have any impact. I’m human, I struggle with bad habits too, but it bugs me when we’re told there’s some magic solution that will suddenly give us endless self-control. That said, the Pavlok seems pretty different from anything else out there. Something tells me this would sell pretty well when New Year’s Resolution time rolls around. Would you let yourself be shocked for skipping the gym? [BuzzFeed]