Designer Spotlight: Melanie Auld (On Sale!)

My name is Sophie Leon and I am addicted to online window shopping, which I guess is better than being addicted to just online shopping. I can’t help but open every “New Items!” email and click through every lookbook of the latest fashion porn. Every once in a while, a designer collection catches my eye, but my inner accountant sternly reminds me that my favorite item is out of my price range. I return daily to gaze upon my favorite piece and imagine what it would look like with my current outfit. Months later, if the item goes on sale and I am still obsessing over it, I consider it a sign from the gods. Today, my friends, is one of those days.

Melanie Auld is one of my favorite jewelry designers, and while her prices aren’t crazy by any means, they’re still a bit of a splurge. That’s why I’m so psyched about the major markdowns on her online store. Here are some of my favorite pieces:

1. $75.00, Double Stone Earrings — Seafoam/Fuchsia Agate
2. $55.00, Pave Square Stone Cuff — Iridescent Agate
3. $75.00, Grand Marquis Earrings – Pink Opal
4. $65.00, Pave Bar Earrings — Turquoise
5. $45.00, Pave Stone Hex Ring — Labradorite
6. $29.00, Pave Diamond Bracelet — Chalcedony